NOTE:This page is considered non-canon to the Fate universe.

1visualFXguy is a YouTube comedy series that parodies pop culture. It has made several parodies and references to Fate. The series is created by Fate forum member, FateModder121.

Fate References

  • The Town of Grove theme music can be heard in an Annoying Orange parody.
  • Matt performs the Rage Attack in one video.
  • Matt can be seen playing Fate in another video.
  • T'Kala appears in the Halloween special.
  • The Town of Grove is one of the backgrounds in the animated Beatles video "Blackbird".
  • A Cave Vulture can be seen amongst the villains in another animated sketch.
  • Homemade Fate posters can occasionally be seen in the background of the show.
  • Matt's Fate character appears in the video "Matt's World".
  • The Fate music can be heard again in "WMM Random Effects".
  • The Fate character and dog appear in an animated video.
  • Fate:The Cursed King on disc can be seen in the background of one video.
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