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Lightning Spell

Charm magic is one of the three magic types in the game. It is used for utility and summoning skills in the game.

Several notable spells include:

Charm Spell: Used to force an enemy monster to fight for you. Can be used on bosses, and is popular in any% speed runs.

Mental Map: Another popular spell in runs, used to instantly create a map of an entire dungeon floor. Handy for for quickly locating and navigating to a floor's staircase.

Town Portal Spell: Creates a town portal without costing a book use or scroll.

Identify Item Spell: Identifies an object without costing a book use or scroll.

Dispel Monsters Spell: Immediately dispels all user-summoned monsters.

List of monsters to summon:

A short and incomplete list. All of the monsters will be one level stronger and can be summoned for 10 more seconds per charm magic skill.

  • Spider (Summons 3) Level Requirement/LR: 16
  • Rat (Summons 3) LR: 18
  • Skeleton (Summons 1)
  • Timberwolf (Summons 2) LR: 39
  • Cursed sword (Summons 1)
  • Frostbeetle (Summons 2)
  • Shrike (Summons 1)
  • Venomous Wyvern (Summons 1)
  • Firedrake (Summons 1)