The Dungeon includes multiple objects that can be smashed open. They are often empty, but sometimes contain gold and—rarely—items. Containers usually appear in groups of three.

Crates and Urns

Although different in appearance, these containers serve the same purpose. They add interest to otherwise empty rooms and incentivize the player to explore since breaking them open may reveal treasure. The amount of gold dropped from them is random but increases as the player descends deeper into the Dungeon. Also of note is that they impede player movement, which can come into play when running from monsters.


Barrels are often found in groups with crates and urns. They are different from crates and urns because they have the possibility, when broken, to spawn either a fireball or a poison cloud. The duration of poison from these clouds is not very long, nor does the fireball deal much damage. However, a weakened or fleeing player is at risk. Luckily these traps can be blocked depending on the player's Shield Battle Skill.

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