Fate is the first game of the Fate franchise.

System Requirements

The system requirements are as follows:

OS: Windows(R) XP Home/Pro SP3 / Vista SP1 with Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater with administrator privledges

Processor: Intel Pentium(R) III 800 MHz or faster

RAM: 256 MB for XP (or higher)/ 512 MB for Vista (or higher)

A more advanced Hero.

Graphics card: 32 MB (or higher) 3D-accelerated hardware graphics card (integrated cards not supported) compatible with Microsoft(R) DirectX(R) 8.1 or higher

Other: Mouse and keyboard, 800x680 screen or bigger

The Fate Icon


The game is centered around descending to a certain random level (usually from 40 to 52) of the dungeon and defeating the random final boss that resides there. The player starts out in the town of Grove with some basic equipment and a small amount of gold, along with a pet. The hero may travel by portal to Grove and buy, enchant, store,
Fate default hero

The default hero and pet in Fate.

and sell items, receive and complete quests, fish, heal themselves and their pet, recharge mana, and cleanse negative effects, among other things. In the dungeon, the hero can slay monsters, collect gold, items, and experience, and complete quests. After the player kills the final boss, he/she may choose to retire and continue to play as a descendant, passing down one item as an heirloom that has its properties augmented by 25%.

Technical Information

The game is fully rendered in 3D, allowing the player to zoom and rotate the camera around the hero. This is why a 3D-accelerated video card is required. The game can compute levels up to level 2,147,483,647, where upon the game crashes. This may be because 2,147,483,647 is two to the thirty-second power minus one, and this might be the largest possible number that a in-game variable can store. 72 hours, 49 minutes and 4 seconds into a single game a bug occurs, causing the clock to slow down. As explains:

The format the time is stored in is floating point. At 72+ hours, there is enough time on the clock that the time increment for the next tick, when rounded to the accuracy of the stored time, is zero.

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