Fishing poles enable the player to catch fish, which can transform your pet into a monster.

The type of fish fed to your

Fishing Pole

pet determines the monster. Among other things a fishing pole can catch are rings, gems, and weapons. Many artifacts are much more likely to be found through fishing than randomly in the dungeon. Fishing spots are present in each town, and certain levels of the dungeon. A fishing spot is marked by a group of fireflies swarming above a body of water.

Interestingly enough, in the dungeon, fishing spots occasionally occur in lava pools, allowing you to fish IN lava. Fishing spots deeper in the dungeon wield more impressive results. You use the rod by clicking on the group of fireflies when you have the pole in your inventory. You click "set hook" When you see a red exclamation mark above the player's head. Clicking "stop fishing" will end your current fishing session. It costs 200 gold to buy and has a find rarity of 850.

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