Slashing Damage
Attack Damage : 27 - 62
Axe Class - Normal
Identification Level : 80
+20 Ice Damage
+10 Electrical Damage
20% Movement Speed Penalty
40% Attack Speed Bonus
+60 Stamina Recovery
Requires 100 Strength

Frostsheen can be found starting at level 45 and up to level 57 of the Dungeon, and Fished starting at level 20 with no maximum depth. It has a value of 16,278 gold. Attack radius is 6; strike radius is 8. It takes up 3 x 2 inventory space.

This is the Artifact version of the Military Axe.

Frostsheen looks like an axe with a double golden blade. It has a 20% movement speed penalty making the user noticeably slow. It also gives +60 Stamina recovery and 40% attack speed, so it is pretty fast is some cases. It is also noted that the name Frostsheen has the same as Frostsheen Strike, an attack from a Warmage in the Dungeons and Dragons series which also produces a freezing wind-like effect.

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