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Goblin Scout
Goblin Scout.png
Depth 7-13 Strength 80
Rarity 10 Dexterity 65
Base Level 5 Vitality 53
HP 45-55 Magic 0
Experience 95 Attack 41
Model Goblin Defense 32
Scale 1.1 : 1.5 Bravery 90%

Goblin Scouts are stronger than normal Goblins. They are weaker than Goblin Shamans, as they cannot use magic and resort to regular Goblin weapons, like Clubs and Bows. They are turquoise in color and only appear in the first game, Fate. They are seen in groups or sometimes alone.

When in groups, three to four Goblin Scouts will usually appear along with a Goblin Shaman. They are highly dangerous as the Scouts will melee you while the Shaman uses magic against you. Arguably, taking out the Shaman first (the main damage dealer) is the best option, but you have to cut your way to reach him. Upon reaching low health, a Goblin will flee. You can choose to:

1. Follow him, take hits from his fellows and finish him off.

2. Fight his fellows.

3. Wait for the goblins to regroup (after fleeing) and attack you enmasse.

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