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Hadrian's Crystal
Place on socketed item to install
Adds +20 Attack Bonus when installed
Adds +5 Polearm Skill Bonus when installed
Adds +5 Damage Taken Reduced when installed

Hadrian's Crystal is an artifact gem that resembles Peridot. It can be found in the Dungeon beginning on Level 9. It can be found while fishing beginning on Level 6. It has a value of 25000, a rarity of 999, and a fishing rarity of 979.

Sell Price : 275,000 Gold

Purchase Price : 2,200,000 Gold


  • Hadrian is the name of a Roman emperor who ruled from 117 to 138. His most famous accomplishment is the building of Hadrian's Wall in Britannia. He was known to spend much of his time with the military, even dining and sleeping amongst them. He increased military training and used false reports of attack to keep the army alert. These details may have inspired the effects of Hadrian's Crystal: The increased attack and polearm skill represents military training and the reduced damage represents the wall.
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