Fate default hero

The default hero in Fate.

The Hero is the character that you control in Fate. When you begin a new game in Fate, you may customize your character to a limited degree. These customizations include choosing your gender, hair type, face type, and name. You may also choose either a dog or a cat as your pet, which can be given its own name as well.

In addition to these customizations, you can also choose between four difficulties: Paige, Adventurer, Hero, and Legend. Picking a higher difficulty causes stronger monsters to appear earlier in the game when you explore the dungeon.


The hero arrives at the town of Grove after hearing of the legendary monster that is roaming the dungeon nearby. A mage near the entrance to the dungeon requests that the hero defeat the monster, which (s)he does. After the hero defeats the creature and returns to the mage, (s)he is given two options: either continue the game or retire. If the player decides to continue the game, (s)he may continue through the dungeon, able to go as far as the 2,147,483,647th level. If the hero decides to retire, however, the game ends and the player is given the option to replay the game as a descendant of the original hero, with various perks and benefits. Also, if the hero retires, a statue is erected in his/her honor and is displayed when the player is playing as the hero's descendant.


At start of the game the hero is wearing only pauper clothing. This type of clothing does not appear as equip clothing when you view your inventory, and the name can only be seen through a cheat. Because the game is fully rendered in 3D, any clothing or weapons that are equipped are viewable when playing the game from the normal third-person perspective.


Main Article : Pet

The pet is the only permanent ally that the hero has. (S)he may be transformed into different creatures by feeding him/her fish. The pet is invulnerable; when her/his health is zero, (s)he starts to flee, and will not fight until his/her health is regenerated. The default pet is a dog; the two normal pet forms are dog and cat.


  • The hero's statue can be seen in town if the player manages to load a save after the ending of the game. It is only an Easter egg and does not influence gameplay at all.
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