This button opens the inventory.

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The inventory is a small place to store items that your character contains. The inventory has dimensions of four slots high by ten slots long. It is automatically brought up when you communicate with a NPC that sells items, activate magic items, talk to Rikko the Enchanter, activate your storage chest, communicate with one of two goblins in Grove, or choose an item to pass to your heir when you retire. It can also be brought up manually by clicking the inventory button on the HUD or pressing {i} on your keyboard.

When you click on an item in the game world, provided that you have sufficient space it will be placed in your inventory. Items may take from one to eight inventory slots, in the following dimensions (height and length): 1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x2, 3x1, 3x2, 4x1, and 4x2. The only item that actually uses 8 spaces is the Bec 'de Corbin, a large axe.

If your inventory is full, you have several options: send your pet to retrieve the item ({shift-click}), rearrange item to make space, drop some of your other items, give some items to your pet, portal to town or send your pet to town to sell some items, or, for those early in the game, put on any clothing items that you have an extra space for.

Pet inventory

Your pet has an inventory too. It has the same dimensions as the hero's (four slots high by ten slots long) and can be activated by clicking on the pet's inventory button or pressing {p} on your keyboard. When you send your pet to town (not usable in town), all non-quest items will be sold to a merchant. To make your pet pick up an item, {shift-click} on it, and, provided that he/she is not fleeing, will attempt to pick it up.

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