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A dog, one of two pet options

A pet is an animal that accompanies you on your journeys. When you begin a new adventure, you select your pet type and name. In Fate you may choose a dog or a cat. Pets will fight beside you in the dungeon, and they can be sent to town to sell items.

Pets can't be killed. When their health is reduced to zero they will not fight, but instead follow the player around until they are healed.

Pets, like the hero, have health, contain an inventory, can level up, can consume potions, have stats, and can be healed by Dreya the Healer, as well as certain fountains.

One of the many uses for pets is as an extra inventory. If the hero's inventory is full, they may choose to transfer items to the pet for safekeeping or for selling. This effectively doubles the inventory space the player possesses.

Pets can change shape by eating fish. They can change into different creatures for varying time periods, depending on the fish eaten.