<MASTERQUEST>:Be on guard! Going down this dungeon will ultimately bring you to a being so powerful that with just his glance can make you flee! Are you ready to flee on \blevel <levelsingular>\b?
<MASTERQUEST>:Make haste! Beyond this gateway to the chamber dungeon, lies a great evil on \blevel <levelsingular>\b.
<MASTERQUEST>:There is a darkness growing on \blevel <levelsingular>\b in the Chamber. I fear that, unchecked, it will consume us all!
<MASTERQUEST>:You are not prepared! A sinister force is waiting on \blevel <levelsingular>\b.
<MASTERQUEST>:Are you not the same as the nameless traitor? This lost soul has caused havoc to our world. If you ventured down to \blevel <levelsingular>\b of the chamber, you will encounter this traitor of soul! you must bring peace back to our people by defeating this fiend... this.. <basemonster>!

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