Rollo the Minstrel lives in The Town of Grove and sings songs to people for a price which gain them Fame.

Rollo is found in the north west part of Grove and stands in front of a stack of barrels


Rollo claims to have played before kings. Each time he plays you a song, it increases your Fame but will become more expensive each time. He charges you depending on how much Fame you have until you level up your Fame. The upgrade can worth it if you are stacking all perk points into 1 magic or weapon stat, or to wield legendary and elite weapons. Every time your fame level increases, you get 3 points to spend on your skills. Thus you can buy fame levels from Rollo in order to buy skill points. Often times, a fame level can be gained by doing 2-3 quests and is a cheaper option than buying a fame level.


Rollo can be found in the north-western part of town, standing next to Dreya the Healer.

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