Samwen and Gann Gar are Goblins that live in the Town of Grove and are friendly torwards the Hero and the townsfolk and offer free services. Samwen and Gann Gar are the experts at exctracting gems from, weapons and armor or even jewlery. Though Samwen's services mean the destruction of the gems and having freed the weapon sockets, Gann Gar's is the opposite of which he will destroy the weapon so the gems may be used once again. It is unkown about the relation of these two besides that they are goblins and their profession being the opposite of another. Gann Gar can be found next to Getts the Traveler near the dungeon, while Samwen is next to Dell Arness by the blacksmith shop.

Samwen on the left and Gann Gar on the right.

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