The Itembox template emulates the style of item description popups in Fate. An image of the item can be included below the item name.


|Item name =
|Item color =
|Image file =
|Row 1 content =
|Row 1 color =
|Row 2 content =
|Row 2 color =
|Row 3 content =
|Row 3 color =


  • If you don't want to display an image, just keep Image file empty.
  • Item color and Row color are optional. The default color is black.
  • Up to 20 rows are available.
  • Use the following words for Item color:
    • Magenta: Magical items.
    • Teal: Unique items.
    • Gold: Artifact items.
  • Use the following words for Row color:
    • Magenta: Elemental damage bonuses.
    • Gray: Sockets.
    • Purple: Item bonuses.
    • Red: Item penalties.
    • Green: Item requirements (met).
    • Maroon: Item requirements (not met).
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