Nethis's Shiny User Page of the Fox
Wiki Article
Cheese Damage
Information Content : 3 - 6
User Class - Normal
30% Re-edit Resistance Bonus
+5 Wiki Edit Skill Bonus
2% Organization Speed Bonus
Requires Renown of Tolerated

Hello everyone! I've been playing FATE since 2006 and keep coming back to it time and time again. My experience with wikis began in 2008. I hope to help make this wiki more complete and connected, so that it can be a useful resource for everyone, whether they are discovering FATE for the first time or returning to it after several years, like me.

My favorite pages

  • Light Handaxe: Good ol' reliable, default, boring weapon.
  • Getts the Traveler: The only person besides yourself brave enough to plumb the depths of the Dungeon. Except Pikko. How does Pikko survive the monsters down there? Anyway, Getts bears remarkable similarities to another merchant from a game released in 2005...
  • Pet: Last but not least, the player's faithful companion is the coolest aspect of FATE. A source of both pride and annoyance, depending on the outcome of battle. A reminder of home. And most importantly, a pack animal that can carry a ton of loot. I almost always choose a dog named Jek for my journeys.
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