Yeti 3
Depth 10-39 Strength 110
Rarity 70 Dexterity 93
Base Level 15 Vitality 116
HP 170-195 Magic 200
Experience 230 Attack 69
Model Yeti Defense 90
Scale 1.0 : 1.1 Bravery

Yetis are one of the strongest type of creature in the game, they appear at the tenth floor and upward. They attack by smashing their giant snow white fist into the ground usually where your hero is standing their brute strength is only matched by that of the Ogre who actually commits more damage from time to time. 


The Yeti begins to appear after the ninth level of the dungeon, they are considered a rare creature so they don't tend to be on every level upwards. A yeti will usually appear on a quest floor if the quest is accepted and the hero has to go several floor to reach the object of the quest. They are less common than Ogres but when they do appear it usually means to expect either two more Yeties or an Ogre.


Their strength is high, very high capable of smashing a low level hero to bits with just a single strike. From a Hero who is level ten and has a base defence of at least 34 the Yeti will take out about 12% of the HP bar with a single strike. There is no actual way to govern the strength of the Yeti since they use only one weapon- their fists.

Their defence leaves something to be desired however, although it may be high a Yeti has no resistances against  any type of weapon meaning anything the Hero is using will usually be very effective to a Yeti if they at the least have a strength of 30.

Their speed is also something that needs improved upon. A Yeti in full gallop cannot catch up to the Hero, unless the Hero is using a point, click, and go manuver. However yeties can cast several slowing spells (like Frost spell that freezes the character) or HP draining spells (Ice storm) so a Yeti does not only rely solely on their fists to attack enemies. They also seem to have a low Mana bar as well only able to cast three spells before having to wait several seconds to recover.


  • The Yeti is said to be the fourth strongest creature in the game falling shortly behind just the Ogre in Brute force.
  • Yetis have a stronger counterpart that only appears in the original Fate, known as a Yeti Titan.
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