Yeti 3
Depth 10-39 Strength 110
Rarity 70 Dexterity 93
Base Level 15 Vitality 116
HP 170-195 Magic 200
Experience 230 Attack 69
Model Yeti Defense 90
Scale 1.0 : 1.1 Bravery

Yetis are one of the strongest type of creature in the game, encountered on the tenth floor and upward. They attack by smashing their giant fists into the ground, usually where your hero is standing. 


The Yeti begins to appear once you get to the tenth level of the dungeon. It's one of the game's rarer creatures, so you won't encounter Yetis on every floor beyond that point. However, if you do run into a Yeti, there tends to be one or two other Yetis nearby.

A Yeti will usually appear on a quest floor if the quest is accepted.


Their strength is very high, making them capable of smashing a low level hero to bits with just a single strike. For a Hero who is level ten and has a base defense of at least 34, a Yeti will take out about 12% of your HP every time it lands a hit.

Although Yetis excel in damage output, their defense leaves something to be desired; while the Yeti's defense is relatively high, it has no resistances against any type of weapon, so anything you use will usually be very effective against a Yeti if your strength is at 30 or higher.

Speed and mana capacity are two other departments in which Yetis sorely lack. Even at full speed, a Yeti will have a hard time keeping up with you, and it can only cast three spells before having to wait several seconds to recover. However, Yetis' magical capabilities shouldn't be dismissed, as they do have a couple offensive spells up their sleeves. They can use the Frost Spell to heavily damage you and slow you down with ice damage, or they can use the Battle Fog Spell to double their attacking power at the expense of slightly lowering their defense until the spell wears off.


  • The Yeti is said to be the fourth strongest creature in the game, falling just below the Ogre in terms of attack power.
  • Yetis have a stronger counterpart that only appears in the original Fate, known as a Yeti Titan.
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